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    Live stream to the public from anywhere across the globe
    Private stream using our fast, reliable and secure platform
    Powerful and effective breakthrough in media broadcasting
    A global presence with zero buffering
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    Streaming content to the global audience
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    Optimized for all mobile devices.
    Zecast Live is available on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
    Download now to stream HD quality content straight from your smartphones.

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Do You like to Broadcast your event worldwide? Download it now and try every thing



Live stream and broadcast from your mobile device.
Build a catalogue of viewable content for scheduled delivery.
Monetize your content with our gateway facilities.
Receive online gift and donations.

Private Live

A fast and secure way for you to broadcast private streaming events to your desired audience through a designated unique event code.

Public Live

Use Zecast as a platform to broadcast your livestream to a worldwide audience. Schedule them in the built in calendar to allow viewers to effortlessly set a reminder.

Media BroadCast

A unique cost-effective method to allow instantaneous reporting of incidents live as they occur with the click of a button.

Event Management

This subscription service is an all-inclusive method to reap the full benefits of unlimited live streaming with multiple users in a dedicated personalised page.

Q & A section

Due to the fact that we have 32 strategically placed Points Of Presence around the globe, we ensure that your live stream session does not travel far to reach a server , thus eliminating potential latency and providing you with high definition video.
You will need minimal equipment. All that is needed is you and your phone camera. To enhance the quality of the video we recommend a phone camera stand or tripod for smooth filming.
The media broadcasting function on the Zecast app allows instant capture of live events as they occur. Gone are the days of waiting for heavy tech set up and transport to capture incidents live.

High-quality video can be attained and streamed to a media house from the convenience of your smartphone.
The Zecast Private Live function is an extremely secure way of broadcasting. Access can ONLY be obtained by a 6 digit code that is shared to only your desired audience.

Our security team is also on hand to investigate any potential queries you may have.


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