Asylee or refugee who was granted status in the U.S. within the previous two years, Application to become a United States citizen through the naturalization process, Filed by a lawful permanent resident in the United States who meets all eligibility requirements and seeks to become a U.S. citizen through the naturalization process, $640 (applicants 75 years or older and military applicants), To obtain a copy of citizenship certificate which serves as evidence of U.S. citizenship, Who claim U.S. citizenship at birth through parents, Who automatically became U.S. citizens through parents before they turned 18, To claim U.S. citizenship based on parents for children who regularly reside in a foreign country, A U.S. citizen parent of a child who qualifies as a United States citizen, Special certificate of naturalization as a U.S. citizen to be recognized by a foreign country, A foreign-born U.S. citizen who needs to replace or change information on certain immigration documents, Extend nonimmigrant period of stay or changing to another nonimmigrant status, Nonimmigrants seeking to extend their period of stay or change their status to another nonimmigrant status, Main applicant and each co-applicant must also pay an $85 biometric services fee, File Your Immigration Forms with SelfLawyer. 04-29-2008 = Fiancee's 4-min. You will need your receipt number to check your USCIS case status over the phone. The spike in recent years is largely due to a naturalization application backlog. Has your case been transferred to another center by any chance? Instead, the deciding factor is your type of case and the service center that processes the corresponding forms. Jul 6 onwards should be accurate. Found this to be helpfull - thee assign it by zip code,, If your application is approved, USCIS will mail your green card to you shortly after your adjustment of status interview. My application was paper based but I wonder why I received IOE based receipt numbers? I am hoping that these dates will eventually (perhaps in the coming week(s)) become the big stacks in the middle. Make an appointment to submit an application at a US Passport Agency by calling 877-487-2778. All Rights Reserved. 12.5 Months to 16 Months. 12-19-2007 = NOA2 by e-mail & web, dated 12-18-07 (187 days; 201 per VJ); in mail 12/24/07. Need more help? WebCheck Case Processing Times Select your form, form category, and the office that is processing your case Refer to your receipt notice to find your form, category, and office. New to Immigration? 44132 Mercure Circle In the first dropdown box select your type of application, and in the second dropdown box select the field office or service center that is handling the application. 91 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<41B8522185E1C74F880C5286D158E13E><51A4AF315B177C41B5E6C2D19CD428D6>]/Index[73 26]/Info 72 0 R/Length 93/Prev 98274/Root 74 0 R/Size 99/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream The status will be specific to your case and specific to your immigration program. Posted December 1, 2021 On 2/21/2018 at 8:55 PM, OnlyTheBrave said: We advise you to apply as early as possible to allow about 90 days of Seattle, WA 98121. Congrats! In my case, it says "Petition for Alien Relative" I-130. With backlogs, government interruptions, and changing policies, waiting can be stressful, but the best way to help ease that stress is by checking the USCIS case status. To establish a relationship between an eligible relative and a sponsoring U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident wishing to sponsor an eligible relative for immigration, To collect additional information for a spouse beneficiary of Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative), Spouse of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, Processed with Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative), To apply for lawful permanent resident status if you entered the United States lawfully and are eligible for adjustment of status, Filed by an applicant who is eligible for lawful permanent resident status that is currently in the United States, If you are under 14 and filing with at least one parent: $750, If you are under 14 and not filing with at least one parent: $1,140, Advance parole, including parole into the U.S. for humanitarian reasons, A lawful permanent resident or conditional permanent resident who wishes to travel abroad, A person seeking advance parole from outside the United States. There are two tabs below this: Case Status and Documents. You can also contact the National Passport Information Center at: Phone: 877-487-2778 (representatives available Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time) How can you find out which center is processing your e-filed case? IOE is not listed in drop down menu. If an employer or sponsor pays an extra premium processing fee to USCIS to have the H1B petition adjudicated (decision) within 15 calendar days, then that petition is said to be filed in H1B premium processing.. H1B Premium Processing Documents, Fee. It just means that your case being processed electronically instead of paper work. With SelfLawyer you will get licensed immigration attorney review of your forms and supporting documents, unlimited support, online forms preparation and same day filing with USCIS. 09-28-2007 = NOA1, 23 days after their 45-day promise to send it (grrrr). So, we covered a little bit of this in the prior question, but yeah, its a different process. This is usually the case with problematic applications or applications that are submitted during the busy season. What Is the Wait Time for a Marriage-Based Green Card? I'm also confused which Service center will be processing my case? U.S. WebSubmit malware for free analysis with Falcon Sandbox and Hybrid Analysis technology. I have filed for a family based greencard (spouse American citizen) IR-1/CR-1 U.S. citizen filing for a spouse Total Days: 237 days Case 2021-07-15 2022-03-09 I-765 216 Days I-485 My case for N400 was done by my lawyer and they also charged additional fee for the fast shipping for my paperwork and now you tell me IOE is for on-line Im very Pissed Monday morning Im giving a call for sure. Receipt of Application Approximately 2 to 4 Weeks After Filing If you properly file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, USCIS will initially respond by mailing you a receipt notice that confirms receipt of your application. service center that processes the corresponding forms, Family-Based Applications Processing Times, H-1B Lottery Rule Changes Could See Reversal, March 2023 Visa Bulletin: Analysis & Predictions, Case taking more than the normal processing time. I-130 Form, Petition for Alien Relative Complete Guide [2021], Form I-130 is Approved What to Do Next? Check out the Marriage-Based Green Card Timeline. Learn how you can get a Green Card for Your Parents. Potomac Service Center. You can probably infer which receipt dates are going to be processed next using this graph. Some paper-filed cases also have IOE receipts. Hopefully, you have filed a Form I-130 for each , USCIS receipt numbers: IOE0916907490 - IOE9864012772, USCIS receipt numbers: IOE0914299900 - IOE9895966664, Receipt dates: Nov/22/2021 to Feb/17/2023, USCIS receipt numbers: IOE0915968187 - IOE9841723902, Receipt dates: Apr/18/2022 to Feb/16/2023, USCIS receipt numbers: IOE0915923305 - IOE9831468335, Receipt dates: Apr/12/2022 to Feb/15/2023, USCIS receipt numbers: IOE0915918241 - IOE9761975003, Receipt dates: Apr/11/2022 to Feb/22/2023, Remaining cases have been pending for 139 day(s) on average, Remaining cases have been pending for 110 day(s) on average, Remaining cases have been pending for 78 day(s) on average, Remaining cases have been pending for 44 day(s) on average, Remaining cases have been pending for 10 day(s) on average. Advance Parole Travel Document (AP Form I-131) [BETA], This website is supported through ads. Processed with underlying petition (Form I-130 or Form I-140), To promise to make income and/or assets available to help support sponsored immigrant by a household member who is not the immigrants I-130 sponsor, Filed by an I-130 beneficiary to show financial support following immigration, To obtain an Employment Authorization Document (EDA) as evidence that the holder is authorized to work in the United States, Applicants for adjustment status with pending Form I-485, People granted temporary protected status (TPS). Boundless is not affiliated with or endorsed by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or any other government agency. Webfor a COE, to the Atlanta Eligibility Center for processing. If you click on documents, there are two kinds of documents on the platform:USCIS Notices and Your Uploads. This is because I implemented this feature quite late and I am only able to retrieve exact shipment dates from now on. 1 suhridkhan reacted to this PoojaCh Member Members 56 Every field office receives a different number of applications, directly impacting its processing speed compared with other offices. For people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability: TTY 800-767-1833. PO Box 1227 %%EOF Email: (please allow at least 24 hours for a response). In addition, if youre looking to apply for a specific visa, Boundless offers premium immigration support without the high price tag. ***. No fee if filed with USCIS or abroad with the Department of State (DOS); $120 if filed with the Department of State in the U.S. To find the office handling your case, enter your zipcode into the USCIS search box. This graph accompanies the first graph. Keywords I-824Border Patrol AgencyImmigrationUSCIS Share Related Articles Processing times change all the time, and below you can find current times for early 2023. The 5.9 months historical processing time listed for initial DACA requests was current as of June 30, 2021. If you have questions, please contact us 06-04-2007 = TSC stamps postal return-receipt for I-129f. Keep in mind processing times are only averages. 4. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. As of 2018, USCIS no longer accepts emails inquiring about case status. You are also filing an F2A as an LPR via consular processing? Privacypolicy, Office of International Students & Scholars, Report OPT Address, Visa, or Employment Changes, Work After Graduation: F-1 Optional Practical Training, View Recordings and Slides for Recent Presentations, 421 Temple Street, New Haven, CT 06511 USA. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Checking USCIS processing times is used to see how long certain cases are taking in 2023 and to help predict how long your petition will take even before you submit an application. But the process differs depending on whether youre applying from within or outside the United States. 2023 The stacks at the bottom are older cases (like maybe 6-7 months old). WebUSCIS processing times for all Other EAD applications that are filed using I-765 Form Misc - Non-immigrant Visas Forms Misc forms filed by Non-immigrant visa holders with USCIS I-102 - New or Replace I-94 Card or Form I-95 USCIS processing times for Application to replace I-94 or I-95 Form, Non-immigrant Arrival-Departure Document Applicants like you can apply for a marriage based green card through a USCIS procedure called Concurrent Filing. Contact USCIS directly if you have questions about your case. Explore our options to find the right visa. On 2/17/2018 at 11:16 AM, SweetheartSarah said: On 2/21/2018 at 11:55 PM, OnlyTheBrave said: 2003-2021 VisaJourney. I dont think that's fast since I read every day about people that applied after me (mostly via paper) already getting approved it's frustrating. Considering this, you can be certain that the data is relatively accurate for most applications. WebI'm building a packet of evidence documents for my expedite request and would like to know the processing time stated back in summer 2022 which is when I applied. Because your friend referred you, your application with Boundless is discounted. Hey there! Receipt dates: Nov/17/2021 to Nov/17/2021. After selecting the form, the tool will let you choose your service center. This similarity in trend also shows that perhaps there is some link between receipt dates and receipt numbers too. Learn more about what we do to help. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The functionality is still in beta. USCIS generally processes cases as they are received (first in, first out). Staying up-to-date with your application is crucial because if the USCIS requires any clarification or request for evidence, they will let you know. WebIf you sent in your passport application for processing by mail, you can track the status of your application online. Not actively reviewing, nothing. I would love to know if it gets approved before the estimated processing times that are showing on their website. Oh wow, okay! Press J to jump to the feed. 07-2008 = Daily calls to DOS: "currently processing"; 8/05 = Phoned consulate, got Section Chief; wrote him. anyone know of EAD approval timelines from there? Once you have your green card, you no longer need the EAD card. How do I know which service center is processing my application if I filed online (IOE)? The X-axis is the last 10 days. Reddit is not a substitute for a real lawyer. I recently applied for marriage based AOS. Remember to check the first three letters of your receipt number to see which service center is processing your case. Find out more about K-1 Finac Visa Processing Times. Sometimes you might even see cases added a day late. This usually takes 8 to 14 months after filing. If you want to continue in English, stay on the line. [2021], Cost to Petition a Relative, I-130 Form [2021], Form I-130A, Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary, Form I-130A Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary [2021], Form I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Resident or Adjust Status), *Fees above include all applicable biometric fees, Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, Form I-131 How to Apply for a Travel Document [2021], Form I-864, Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the Immigration and Naturalization Act, Affidavit of Support, Form I-864 Complete Guide [2021], How to Fill Out Affidavit of Support, Form I-864 [2021], Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) Checklist [2021], Form I-864A, Contact Between Sponsor and Household Member, Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, I-765 Form How to Get a Work Permit [2021], Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, Green Card Renewal Complete Guide [2021], How Long Does it Take to Replace/Renew a Green Card? But how long is too long and how can you inquire about with USCIS about your case? Learn more here about how to check the status of your application online based on where youre applying from. Use the contact form below to send your question to the team for a fast answer from an expert. If there is no green in your dates of interest, then it probably means that you are going to have to wait a few days because USCIS has not started processing these cases. The processing time is different for these two cases to get approval for the I-130. WebU.S. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and there will be a breakdown of the different cases handled under the form. Looking at this as I am exactly in the same boat except for the fact that I am in MN. Please note that is not part of the US Government and cannot assist with passport applications that are already in process. They are always available to answer any questions about your application. Where do I find my field office information? IOE is not listed in drop down menu. Now here's hoping they'll transfer the petition to Texas or Nebraska! If you want to see how long USCIS is taking to process certain cases, visit their Processing Times page. All Rights Reserved. After that, the automated system will let you know that the call volume is high and recommend visiting the website to see if USCIS can answer your question with their tools. Boundless makes it easy to complete your marriage green card application by turning all the required government forms into simple questions you can answer online typically in under 2 hours, compared with days or weeks the traditional way. You will see the processing times presented as a range between two numbers. While mail is still utilized, if you plan on using the online platform you may receive notification of the IOE via email before the document arrives. In the old system, you would know your processing center when you received the Notice of Acceptance (NOA1) in the mail. 05-05-2008 = Infuriating $12 call to non-English-speaking consulate appointment-setter. We can see that the earlier receipt dates have more approvals and then the green/number of OPT approvals quickly wanes away into nothing. 12-11-2007 = 180 days; file is "between workstations, may be early Jan."; touches 12/11 & 12/12. But obviously case by case. If you log in to your USCIS account online, it will state your name and address and below that it will list your cases. Among all field centers, the fastest one is usually the Nebraska Center, but the wait times change all the time, and it perhaps will not be the fastest one when you make your application. Law Enforcement Liaison Division endstream endobj 74 0 obj <. Check your what your field office is first, then go to this website and select that office from the drop down menu. hb```A !uF 8l$ L q:c0:[121[>$Z~&f @29lu! a, Hope it's going better for you. 2003-2021 VisaJourney. The sooner you can be aware of the changes to your status, the sooner you can take the next required step in your U.S. immigration process. You can always add a number manually using the form below.Thanks! US Citizenship Case Filing and Progress Reports, US Visa Holder and Permanent Resident Immigration Discussion, Didn't find the answer you were looking for? OPT Timeline's script is run every few hours. "then i saw that receipt date of case inquiry turned to august 30 2020 at nebraska and i still havent received any update, so i requested inquiry on 24th march 2021 (here is link: (you'll see it under 'how we process cases') and their system gave me serial number and said you'll receive response before 14th april 2021, i'll update when i'll get answer, meanwhile i would recommaned you all to do same, you'll atleast get some answer from uscisbut other then that i also tried calling customer care and machine just dont let you pass to real person unless you use trick saying "INFOPASS" and representative told me that there is nothing new to update at this time and my case is beung processed to potomac see: california to nebraska to potomac, i have no idea how they are transferring case from here and there and whats irritating is they dont even send you notice that your case has been transferred to different service center (they used to do it about four years back) .But yeah, i'll update further. Some older receipt numbers are missing here, which is why you see that bar heights increase suddenly near YSC1990180000. 07-20-2007 = Phoned Immigration Officer; got WAC#; where's NOA1? Citizenship Application Complete Guide [2021], How Much Does it Cost to Become a US Citizen? Make sure that you are not signing up for them because the USCIS does not charge you anything to check your case status. If you hover over the bars you will see a sorted list of receipt dates. This means that some services or protections, such as the attorney-client privilege, may be different from those you could get from a traditional law firm. U.S. Seems like it could be a misunderstanding in the definition of the IOE numbers on the USCIS website. The last five digits are your unique case number. From my experience (might not apply everytime) each bar (usually) has 1-4 big stacks in the middle, these represent the group of dates currently being processed. If you want to continue in Spanish, you need to press 2. WebFor instance, FY 2021 would run from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021. WebPlease wait six months before submitting an inquiry If you are a petitioner for an H-2A Temporary Agricultural Worker and your Form I-129 has been pending longer than 15 days and you have not received a decision or a Request for Evidence, you may contact USCIS at (1-800) 375-5283 to inquire about your petition. Due to recent movements within USCIS to streamline the immigration process, there has been a push to enter the electronic age with more and more forms being available online. Importantly, for some key forms such as Form I-130, Form I-129 and others, a USCIS service center will handle the application. SS (26A1) FLD: VBAFS, 1 each (Reproduce and distribute based on RPC 2021) Title: Circular 26-19-13 Author: Loan Guaranty Service Your distance to a service center does not always dictate where your case will end. For example, to understand the different components, lets create a fake receipt number that is SRC-20-013-12345. Nothing on this website, including guides and resources, is to be considered legal advice. We will NOT answer any questions about the processing time on our website. Those California processing times are depressing to think about. You are very lucky to get the "actively reviewing" status in less than 4 months. I think you should be able to call USCIS to ask what's happening with your case because it shouldn't be in the status "actively reviewing" for that long. It's easy! Once you receive your I-797, you can check your status using the following steps: Step 1: Visit the USCIS Case Status Online Tool. It is a privately operated website portal for informational purposes only. Anyone else had this experience or knows what could be going on? consular interview, 8:30 a.m.; much evidence brought but not allowed to be presented (consul: "More proof! The processing times on the USCIS website are updated with 1-month-old or 2 months old data, depending on the type of application. No updates from me. From fiscal year 2017 to fiscal year 2021: Processing times for all I-539 applications to change or extend status rose from about 2.8 months to 9.8 monthsa 250% increase Processing times for family-based adjustment of status (I-485) applications rose from 7.9 months to 13.2 monthsa 67% increase Using these two numbers, you will be able to see a range that the majority of cases are falling into during that specific period of time remember, these numbers are updated weekly. As of January 2023, the processing time for a green card holder sponsoring a spouse or a child under 21 years is 25.5 months if USCIS received the form on or after November 1, 2019. Boundless turns all the government requirements into simple questions you can answer online typically in under a couple of hours. If you dont already know, you can set up automatic updates for your case status, which takes away the need to check to stay updated. The codes are as follows: Our case goes through the Texas Service Center in our example receipt number. Whereas in the past you would know which center was processing your case based off of the first three digits of your receipt number, now all electronic files have been given the moniker IOE. Below is the list of current USCIS processing centers and the forms each one processes. Choose the category that applies to you and look to the right-hand side under Receipt date for a case inquiry. Check your confirmation paperwork from USCIS, looking for the date of receipt of your application. To get an update about a case that falls out of normal processing times, fill out the e-form on the USCIS website. Nothing else, processing time and other features are the same in comparison to other receipts numbers. Nebraska Service Center. This form, however, should only be filled out if your case falls before the Receipt date for case inquiry. Contacting them while your case remains within processing times will result in a generic reply to that effect. WebYes, that is correct. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Additionally, any advice found here IS NOT legal advice. In this step, papers and studies conducted from 2010 to 2021 in the field of IoE were studied and analyzed. If you do not receive a decision on your case within the published processing time for the new service center, you may submit an inquiry online or call the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283. Every letter or number in your USCIS receipt number is a specific identifier that is helpful for you to understand. But, was just curious of any updates on everyones case? If you have an NOA1, you should see a document under Notices that is called "Account Acceptance Notice". For instance, FY 2021 would run from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021. f youre looking to apply for a specific visa, Boundless offers premium immigration support without the high price tag. see our Registered Passport Expeditors page, Popular Destinations with Visa Requirements. That's why I raised this question because I wanted to see what is actually true. Can you please share an update in case you get approved. P.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the government agency responsible for processing green card and naturalization applications and other immigration forms, publishes and updates average processing times for 37 immigration forms, such as Form I-130, Form I-129F, or the N-400 naturalization form. To handle the enormous volume of applications it receives, USCIS is supported by field offices across the United States, and each applicant is assigned to a field office based on their ZIP code. You should follow the processing time for the IOE receipts. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. How to Check USCIS Case Status and Processing Times in 2023 WebProcessing Time The average USCIS processing time is at least 90 days from receipt of your application. Form I-130 (officially called the Petition for Alien Relative): There is a net trend from FY 2017 until Please consider disabling your adblocker or adding an exception for, We now support tracking Greencards (change of status) and AP cases (See links on top of the page/top corner on cell phones.). This is a pdf copy of the physical document that should have been mailed to you. 08-27-08 = Phoned consulate (they "couldn't find" our file); visa DHL'd 8/28; in hand 9/1; through POE on 10/9 with NO hassles(!). All the times are estimates. 08-07-08 = E-mail from consulate, promising to issue visa "as soon as we get her passport" (on 8/12, per DHL). This graph is also against approval dates. If you filed online, you will be able to respond to the RFE via your USCISaccount. Learn more, or get started today! This is a relatively new service that is very useful for many immigrants. NOTE: The above information does not address the specific requirements for any given case and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Even if the application is filed electronically they still have to send the supporting documents by mail. Even files recently submitted in the traditional paper and ink method have been uploaded to the USCIS system as E-files. The Form I-485 processing time ends when you receive your permanent residence. Begin your Expedited Passport Request at any of these reliable services: If you sent in your passport application for processing by mail, you can track the status of your application online.
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